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A WALK IN THE CLOUDS by George S. Tahija

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Limited edition
Businessman and photographer George Tahija went trekking and photographing in the highlands of Papua from Pogapa to Grasberg, the site of one of the largest copper and gold mine in the world. The scenery was spectacular: caves with rock art on them, crystal clear streams widing their way in the highland grass plateaus, patches of fern forests, highlighting an ancient looking landscape. Along the trek, George had to endure altitude sickness, achy legs and hip joints, cuts and scrapes, even developed a tropical ulcer which required dose of antibiotics to heal.

A small but unique and personal travel documentary of a trek where George encountered the way of life of primitive Papuans and discovered their wisdom along the way.

Hardcover with corrugated slipcase
Limited Edition of 200
15 x 17 cm (portrait)
108 pages
700 g
R&W x Afterhours Books