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BOBO: THE TRAVELLING HOUND by Irma Lengkong Mikkonen x Hanafi

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"Bobo: The Travelling Hound" is a collaborative art & storytelling book by Irma Lengkong Mikkonen and renowned contemporary artist HANAFI that describes the loving relationship between Irma and her basset hound. Since Bobo was small, he has accompanied Irma to fulfill her passion for traveling, starting with exploring the cities and countryside of Great Britain. Last summer, Bobo started his international travels—visiting dog-friendly cities of Western Europe. Not only did this lead to the realization that a pet can become a good travel companion, but also a reminder of how they have always been an integral part of European society from a long time ago. It was also a journey of discovery while walking through Amsterdam, Paris, and Brussels, how someone like Bobo can bring out basic humanities we tend to forget from time to time.

For Hanafi, earning the trust to enter a personal relationship with a dog is not something easy. To him, Bobo is just like all other Bobos in the real world or along the boulevard of my ever-progressing artistic and creative journey. But once he saw and felt that bond, the strong bond yet heart-warming relationship, between Bobo and Irma Lengkong Mikkonen, it inevitably encouraged him to work as honestly and hard as possible.

To pour it into the canvas and translate that kind of bond onto his artworks was such a fascinating and eye-opening experience Hanafi would like to share. Hanafi's everlasting hope is that, in return, his artworks in this series will help enrich and strengthen Irma's relationship with her dearest traveling hound, Bobo, yet help heals and renew any relationships.

24 x 32 x 2.5 cm (Portrait)
204 pages
2.5 kg
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