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Navigating Turmoil answers questions you have about leading companies, using real examples and cases. Writer Tya Adhitama winds personal stories of her 35 years of business experience following a framework she developed, based on her leadership roles.

The stories range from large multinational companies to philanthropy and non-profits. She provides a glimpse into different corporate cultures and the impact culture has on organizational performance. 

The book emphasizes the importance of leaders’ roles to govern, strategize and challenge. It discusses how to see turmoil—a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty as transformation—a complete change, especially so that the organization is  improved.

On a more personal level, the book describes how Tya has overcome personal and professional challenges coming out stronger, living a meaningful life.

“Back in 2005 when the Sokola team and I had first met Tya, she taught us not to rely fully on instinct and trust alone because we had a responsibility to the communities we were involved with and donors who supported us. Last year we came back to Tya and asked her to help us realize our next dream to establish the Sokola Institute. She has only gotten better with time. Every time we left her, we were smiling, motivated, and re-energized. I hope this book can bring smiles to even more people.”
— Butet Manurung

“From 35 years of continuous learning and personal development in corporate and philanthropic endeavors, Tya shares her insights in a framework that is personal and instructional in its life experiences. For more than a decade, I’ve enjoyed how Tya inspires and engages stakeholders toward positive results in the domains of governing, strategizing, and challenging.”
— Laurel Tahija

Based on a 35-year career in manufacturing, management, banking and finance, training, education, non-profits, and philanthropy, Tya Adhitama, Founder/CEO of PT Navigadhi coaches and mentors clients to develop a clear vision of what they want to achieve in their personal and professional lives. When working with businesses, she helps executives identify how to align and motivate their most critical talent for top performance and build an action plan with specific goals to immediately share with their team. Tya is an objective partner who shares with her clients a wide range of board and senior leadership business experience. This is supported by a rigorous academic foundation in communications, business management, and certifications as an Independent Non-Executive Director, and Coach Practitioner specializing in executive, corporate, as well as leadership coaching.

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