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PRABU AMILUHUR by Diego Zapatero

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Prabu Lembu Amiseno, the father of the Princess

Bobung, Gunung Kidul


The father of Princess Sekartadji, the betrothed love of the hero Panji, is the ruler of the Kediri/Daha Kingdom. He agrees and wishes his daughter to be married off to Panji the prince of Jenggala ruled by his older brother. The kings of the four East Javanese kingdoms in the Panji saga are said to be all brothers, ruling over divided parts of the once unified empire. The political intermarriage of Panji and Sekartadji symbolizes an important step in the reunification of the four kingdoms into a unique mighty empire. This scene was shot in the topeng village of Bobung in Wonosari regency, one of the last surviving topeng groups active in the Province of Yogyakarta.

Printed on 185gsm Canson® Montval® watercolor paper or 300gsm Hahnemuhle William Turner

Edition of 20