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SINCERITY by Mardiana

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The first part of a Trilogy by Mardiana

Juliana Zulham worked in public relations at a prestigious five-star hotel in Bali. Driven and meticulous in her job, Juliana quickly rose through the ranks in her career, from cleaning the rooms to inviting a famous British jazz singer to perform at her hotel. In the end, she decided to leave behind a great career for her desire to start her own family.

But Juliana was often haunted by her past. Raised by an austere and taciturn mother and doting father who often went sailing for months, she grew up as an underprivileged child among sailors and fishermen in a run-down neighborhood in North Jakarta.

As an adult, she faced a dilemma in her search for love: torn between a handsome, attentive German chef and a hardworking Italian executive, Juliana had to choose between following her heart and keeping it real. Should she listen to her mother’s advice? Sincerity. Would Juliana eventually be able to accept her past and release what was within her grasp?

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