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BOBO - Sneaker Art Edition CONVERSE x HANAFI

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An Exclusive Artistic and Original Artwork in celebration of BOBO: The Travelling Hound


Converse is one of the most iconic sneaker brands in the world. Currently, Converse is campaigning «All the stories are true» that signifies true stories of present and past. The campaign connects the legendary basketball-player Chuck Taylor with Converse for participation in the culture of youth. Chuck 70 was initially the sports shoes that became the most iconic basketball shoes in 1970. With its premium material and colorful choices coming in High and Low Top variations, the Chuck 70s garnered a lot of interests that transformed Converse to become one of the most unique fashion brands well suited for the youngsters until today.

For 2019 Converse released Converse Incubate, a collaboration program with several prominent designers, musicians and celebrities such as Golf Le Fleur, Brain Dead, Hello Kitty, Miley Cyrus, and Dr Woo. The sneaker art on offer is a limited, artistic collaboration between Converse and Hanafi, Indonesia's famous abstract contemporary painter, in celebration of the book «Bobo: a Traveling Hound»—an artistic story-telling book of a dog named Bobo that got to travel around Europe with his beloved owner.

Hanafi only painted Bobo on two limited-edition, collectible pairs of Converse Chuck 70—each with unique artwork. They are one-of-a-kind Converse sneakers in appreciation of dogs as our great travel companions. 

Bonus: BOBO The Traveling Hound book, valued at IDR 1,100,000

About the Sneakers

Brand: Converse
Type: High Top Chuck 70
Edition: 02/02
Size: 44
Material: Canvas, Acrylic, Exclusive Wooden Case
Weight: 3.5 kg
Year: 2019
Producer: Afterhours Books