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Product Image Suddenly The Grass Became Greener

Suddenly The Grass Became Greener

Rp 500,000

ISBN: 978-981-09-8455-7

By Kevin WY Lee

Plant and soil experts came to Singapore in 1978 to study our soil conditions. Our harsh equatorial sun and heavy Southeast Asian rains were not favourable to growing healthy green gramineae. The rains would wash away our topsoil and leach all nutrients.

The experts recommended constant layering of heavy compost fertiliser and lime to our porous soil. The gardener at Istana tested this on his lawns. Suddenly the grass became greener.


Book Reviews

"A really well-made hardcover especially the beautiful embossing on the cover. Better still is the impressive content that has just about everything you want to read about the "art" of greening Singapore … the history, the eventful year of 2015 with Lee Kuan Yew's passing and SG50 the jubilee year of Republic of Singapore, the critical essays by Sudhir Vadaketh and Charmaine Poh on what's green, what's pseudo green and what to make of it all. And a plug on poetry to stay sane away from the fray. Plus archival photos that suggest what many of us end up remembering. One of LKY's final wishes was to have his ashes mixed with his wife's, not instructions for planting yet another tree or another garden, not even about Singapore. It's an "all over the place" book, in a very good way. Everyone should get a copy and read it every so often. Suddenly The Grass Became Greener is evergreen." – Li Li Chung, Exactly Foundation


"Suddenly The Grass Became Greener is beautiful and a unique way of narrating an important event in his country's history. I don't want to spoil it, better get a copy while it lasts." – Veejay Villafranca, Philippines


"I keep touching the cover." – Daniel Soh, Singapore


"Beautiful, honest and subtle – Kevin’s book embarks you on a nostalgic visual journey, interweaving the symbiosis between men and nature in many perspectives. He has a witty sense of conceptualizing the entire series, allowing space for ponder and reflection. Kevin’s work is a valuable documentation not just for those in the present to appreciate, but also a treasure for the future generation of Singapore." – Amrita Chandradas, Singapore


"Damn good. Very interesting way to talk about Singapore. Unexpected and whimsical, and an unexpected way of linking different elements into one narrative too. The greenery is both the character and the backdrop/stage. That's kind of new. It takes a curious person to be able to connect. We tell our stories as best as we can and that's our responsibility." – Sean Lee, Singapore


"Congrats on pulling off this book. You will never look at trees the same way again." – Edwin Koo, Singapore



Cover: Hardcover

Size: 225mm x 175mm x 2 cm (Portrait)

Pages: 156 pages threadsewn with fabric-wrapped hardcover

First Edition limited to 500 Copies

Shipping Weight: 2 kg

Paper: Printed on FSC® certified Divina White and Cream 150gsm stock, using 30% post consumer fibres. 

Photographs: 43 Colour, 13 Monochrome


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